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Latisha Hardy Dance & Co Ltd. was established in 2010. Latisha started creating this brand after learning salsa roughly 11 years ago. Salsa helped her grow past a difficult time. The goal has always been to give that back to others. The dance floor is the only place she feels she can truly express herself. Her goal today is to empower the world to empower themselves through the art of dance.


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It is Simple...

Tish knows dance thoroughly and exercises great skill in teaching it to you in a way that resonates and sticks with you.

You cannot take a class from her (group class or private lesson) without feeling her contagious passion, enthusiasm, and engagement. You not only learn to dance the right way but learn to connect with the essence of dancing.  
Anyone interested in any level of dance should start by taking some class time with Tish.
Her professionalism, passion, expertise, levity, and teaching ability make it an easy choice!

Classes with latisha are simply amazing...

She pays so much attention to detail and keeps everyone engaged, making a great learning environment. I’ve been taking salsa classes for years and got so much out of her beginners class. Latisha is someone I would send my friends to who are on the fence about taking their first salsa class. She breaks steps down in a way that builds confidence and really helps you understand body movement. Don’t get me wrong, she can teach very advanced dancers as well as she is extremely talented. But I think she has a gift to help bring new people to salsa as well, which sometimes is hard to find in advanced dancers.
Latisha is passionate and sassy and will spice up your life. I savored every class with her and would have loved to have taken private lessons if I had been in Colorado Springs longer. Thank you Tish for giving us great salsa in Colorado Springs!

tish is an amazing woman...

who built the best studio and dance community I have seen. I have been taking classes with Tish for a few months now and have had a truly wonderful experience. She is a wonder woman- not only is she a beautiful dancer, she is an excellent teacher who connects with each individual person in her classes. She creates a fun, comfortable, supportive learning environment and teaches you to really understand and appreciate salsa. If you are a beginner, no problem! Her passion, energy, and expertise will get you dancing in no time. I have also worked with Miranda who is equally as lovely, a wonderful teacher, and beautiful dancer. I cannot recommend this studio enough. BOOK classes and/or private lessons NOW! Plus, I ALWAYS leave the studio with a smile !

tish is an incredible instructor...

 who can truly teach to all levels. If you are a beginner, and think you can’t dance, you will leave her four week session amazed with yourself. For more experienced dancers, Tish can help you refine your technique and help you get to the next level. Highly recommend!

Colorado Springs is so lucky...
to have Tish and her studio in our community! I have been taking Salsa lessons with Tish for a few months now and have genuinely loved every minute I am with her. I am a very beginner dancer, and she and her studio are safe, fun, exciting places to be- AND my dancing is getting better and better. Tish has created an amazing environment where it is easy to learn, laugh, improve your dancing, and make new friends, and sponsors like – She has given me such an appreciation of dance, salsa, and the music. Do not hesitate to take classes at Latisha Hardy Dance & Company it is the best decision I have made in a long time- you will enjoy it!
Great learning Experience...

in a very energetic environment. Tish is very helpful, knowledgeable and so much fun to be around. Strong motivation even at such a late hour of the day. Signed up for the first class and had to keep taking more classes; is inevitable wanting to learn more about salsa and bachata dances. Also, Tish has taught me how to be more confident and be able to trust my own movements. I have been diagnosed with a hip condition that did not allowed to dance as much as I used to, however, she taught me how to use core and back muscles to dance instead of using my hip which is exactly what I needed. It’s been a amazing experience that I will cherish forever!